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Testimonials from clients

Laurie was my midwife for the home-birth of my now 9 month old son! The prenatal care and appointments were always a pleasure, where we laughed, talked about my thoughts and feelings, and of course checked on baby and momma health! She was always reassuring with her guidance and knowledge of the whole birth process. Her assistant at the time, Janixa, was also a pleasure to work with.

As my due date approached, it was clear baby boy was not ready to make his appearance. Laurie never once started talking about speeding things up, and in fact made me feel less anxious by saying it's totally normal, and when he and I were ready, labor would start. Well, being nearly 2 weeks past my due date, I started to get even more anxious to meet my little man. Laurie made a home visit to check on things, and of course, all was just fine. 2 days later, I started labor!

It was late (~10pm) when we called her to come, and we had clearly woken her from a deep sleep ;)! Laurie and her assistant got there, got the birth pool and all supplies set up, and an hour after I was able to get into the tub (AHHHHHH, it was such a relief), baby boy was born. By the time she left, it was 4am, but the entire time she had a smile on her face and was so supportive! My postpartum checks were very relaxed and calm. She was a big help with the start of breastfeeding, providing tips/advice, and even giving recommendations for CST's and LC's (which we ended up needing)!

Laurie was such a calming energy, a top-notch midwife, and through the entire pregnancy and birth I never questioned my decision! I wouldn't change a thing about my experience, and if I were to do it again she'd be my #1 choice!

~Amanda B

Laurie is the best!

I met Laurie the same day I got pregnant so she was with me through the entire pregnancy.
The best part of Laurie's approach to prenatal care is the time she takes with you. I always felt heard. I was never rushed. She asks you how you want to labor and listens.

~Kelly L

My family was lucky to find laurie!  We had already chosen a midwife after interviewing with 2 and had a few sessions but then some things occurred that didn't feel right and suddenly I felt uneasy about the homebirth scenario we had started. After going back and forth about what we'd do...birth center or even regular ob...we decided to meet with another midwife, this time laurie, to get another midwife's perspective.

After meeting with her we felt good again about the homebirth track.

She was very professional and compassionate. She was great for someone who wants to balance care plan decisions on evidence based research and natural "alternative" subjectively appropriate care.  My husband and I aren't hippies but we also don't think having a baby is necessarily a medical event needing a dr and hospital--until it is complicated.  So anyway, we ended up having a great experience for prenatal and birth! It was a huge success to be able to stay home and have someone I totally trusted.  

Her student was also amazing.  When things felt dicey before the birth (blood pressure stuff) they never hesitated to come to my house (!!!) and spend the time with me to help assess what was going on and what we could do. Leena was very supportive. And laurie also had her previous student present for emergency heavy lifting and she was also sweet.  It was great.

All in all I would definitely try to have laurie as my midwife again!

~Evelyn R

I used Laurie for my last two births. I knew when I first met her that I would be at ease in labor with her by my side. She has so much experience and wisdom in the art of midwifery. She listened to me when I needed to talk through fears or had questions. Laurie has such a calming presence and that was so important to me when I was in labor. I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone in the Austin area looking for a home birth midwife.

~Sarah P

We had used Laurie for the birth of our son. She was very calm, and knowledgeable. Easy to talk to and get advice from. She stayed with us until everyone was settled in. Would recommend her to others to use as well.

~Brooke A

I can not recommend Laurie highly enough! She was wonderful throughout my entire birth process with my fourth baby (so I have had experience with other doctors and midwives prior- My experience with Laurie was definitely the best). I never felt pushed, judged, or unhappy during any of my care. I didn't feel like she had an agenda that she was pushing on me- she really respected my opinions and preferences. Laurie is extremely knowledgeable and experienced but was approachable and easy going to talk to. I always looked forward to my appointments, even when I had to bring along my other children- she was so great with them! My birth was everything I had hoped for and I am so grateful I chose her to help me during my birth.

~Bethany R

Laurie Fremgen probably has more faith in you to birth your baby than you have in yourself.  Probably.  Which, arguably should change since you're the only one who actually can!  Laurie was with me when I birthed my third child, after two previous home birth attempts for my first two children.  Those births were with other midwives and transformed into hospital births (through no fault of the midwives.)  Having my third baby at home was out of determined defiance and Laurie was non-chalantly on board, as if she didn't think what I was asking for was out of the ordinary.  She's laid back about it because she trusts birth.  And that's exactly what I needed out of my midwife.  If I were ever to have any more children I would want Laurie there.  She listened to me.  She believed me.  For what it's worth, which may or may not be much,  I'm a local, actively working OB RN and a doula (on sabbatical).  I'm just saying I know what I'm talking about and Laurie is as good as it gets.  Best of luck on your journey!

~Lauren H

Laurie Fremgen was everything I needed and wanted in a midwife. In fact, I taught high school when I was pregnant, and one of my students (who's mother is also a midwife) said, "Oh! She's the other O.G. midwife in Austin!" He was right.

Laurie has an incredibly down-to-Earth, calm, stable vibe. She seems comfortable with herself and made my husband and me feel the same. She's also an amazing listener. She doesn't interrupt or spend appointments telling you what she knows or giving unsolicited advice or directions. Instead, the interactions are completely patient led. I don't know how she does it, especially when I think of all the knowledge and experience she has. But she finds the space to be present and to listen compassionately without a critical ear. I don't mean to imply that she doesn't have excellent advice when asked; she does. (And she wrote a fantastic booklet, which she'll give you a copy of.) But she knows well that the parents' journey toward birth is as much about going inward and discovering your own questions as it is about gaining information.

My own birth ended up at the hospital, to my sadness. I was not able to push my baby out, and we later found out I had developed a rare Bandl ring during the labor, which is a physical obstruction in the uterus. Laurie went with me to the hospital, which was INVALUABLE. As I was having heavy contractions the entire time until my C-section, it was so wonderful to be able to turn to her and ask her what I should do when the doctors gave me options and recommendations. I also believe the hospital staff was more supportive and less pushy with her there. They seemed more willing to respect my wishes. She was even allowed to remain with me in the operating room. Having her there gave me GREAT peace of mind.

Before we transferred to the hospital, Laurie and Leena (her equally wonderful student midwife) were helpful and supportive while I labored at home. In addition to their emotional support, they brought an instrument to continually check the baby's heartbeat, which allowed me to safely labor at home as long as I possibly could. Though I wish I hadn't needed to have a C-section, I'm glad my daughter was able to experience a large majority of the birthing process. I think all those contractions and massages are benefitial to the baby, even if they don't result in a vaginal birth.

After the birth, I was so, so happy to be able to continue care with Laurie for a handful of post-partum visits. She helped me process my grief over the hospital birth and suggested my daughter may also need to process her own birth story. She allowed me to sob and to be completely vulnerable, and this was instrumental in helping me bond with my daughter.

It was also wonderful to have someone my husband and I trusted to monitor our daughter's early progress. That helped us feel comfortable in those first days as new parents. Our daughter is doing fabulously. She's incredibly strong and healthy and is yet to see a medical practioner of any kind since the hospital.

I'm looking forward to rekindling my relationship with Laurie with the next baby.

~Akasha V

Laurie was my midwife for my 5th and final home birth. Due to not living in Texas with my previous babies, I only got to use her once. She was one of the best midwives I have ever worked with.

She is caring, knowledgeable, and so very attentive. I never felt as if I was a burden. I always felt so valued and important when talking to her. She always has an apprentice, and I felt 100% comfortable with her students. I knew that she was there with them and they were getting the best education possible.
Laurie is so supportive of the way i wanted to give birth and very respectful of my space and desires. When my baby needed some help breathing, Laurie was so calm and got right to work. I was never worried about mine or my son's safety.

Laurie took the time to talk to me as much as I needed after the birth. I needed extra processing time and she completely respected that. She gave me my birth notes, sat and talked to me, and listened to me. That was exactly what I needed and I am forever grateful for her kind and loving guidance.

I often tell people that Laurie has such a calm personality and she is very "zen". That is the best way to describe her. She is confident in her skills as a midwife and that shines through in her care.
I recommend Laurie to everyone that wants a midwife. She is absolutely the best.

~Kim B

My husband and I moved to Austin in 2015 and in 2016 we became pregnant.  I knew that I wanted to have a home birth, but I didn't know what that entailed, so I did what any new momma does and started researching.  I read so many midwives' stories online before I landed on Laurie and after reading her mini bio, I knew she was the one to help bring my baby into this world.  My husband and I set up an interview with her and I suggested we go home and chat before making a final decision, but my husband was gung-ho on Laurie and said no, lets just choose her.  From that moment forward everything about my prenatal care was amazing.  Laurie is very attentive and her apprentice at the time, Leena, was wonderful as well.  During labor Laurie allowed me to guide when her and Leena would come over.  Then when the time came for Laurie and Leena to help me push my little one, they did so effortlessly.  Laurie is very in-tune with the needs of the mother and father, she is very knowledgeable, she is very easy going, and for all the new mothers looking for the guidance that another wise momma can give, Laurie is your woman!

~Chelsea A

When my husband and I moved to Austin and shortly after found out we were expecting our 2nd baby I was desperate to find a midwife that I could trust. I was recommended to Laurie by three people (all who had no relation to each other). I was nervous about a home birth at first (my first son was born in a birth center) but Laurie made me feel so comfortable by answering all my questions. Laurie has a genuine love for what she does and you can feel that every time you meet with her. When it came time for my son to be born I received that same level of love and care that I experienced in all our appointments. My son's birth was magical and I will always cherish the memories made that day. Thank you Laurie!

~Sarah Y

I can't begin to put into words the level of gratitude I feel towards Laurie for not listening to me when I called her contracting...during her birthday dinner celebration with her son and driving the TWO HOURS picking Leena and Amanda up along the way to deliver me.  Our daughter was born on her family land because of you, it is priceless. Thank you for your compassionate care, for your knowledge and for knowing what I needed when I didn't. You are beloved women!

~Sylvia R

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