The Experience of midwifery care

"The right to knowledge regarding childbirth is a fundamental human right."

~ Sheila Kitzinger

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is one of my favorite aspects of midwifery care. It is so exciting to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, to see your belly grow and to strengthen the client/midwife bond. Prenatal care is nurturing and there is plenty of space to address all aspects of pregnant life. From how the baby moves, to the aches and pains, from the joys and the struggles, prenatal care is a time for you to focus on this unique journey of pregnancy. And of course, it is a time to prepare for your home birth.

Following a regular schedule of appointments, we will take time to talk, share and get to know one another. We will also spend time assessing the baby, how you are doing, answering any questions that may arise. Labwork and physical assessments, along with conversation and inquiry, give us valuable information. Prenatal visits last for an hour and you can use as much of that time as you’d like. We will share time preparing for the birth, addressing any concerns that arise and hopefully, we will find time for laughter.

Birth Care

Home birth is a very special way to have a baby. Birth is an amazing time for you to delve deeply into yourself, stretching your limits of what you thought was possible and increasing your capacity to love. We love taking part in this unfolding miracle, unique to you, yet connected to all women throughout all of time.

During the birth you will be fully supported in your wishes and your body’s effort. Birth is inherently perfect in its design. And midwives trust that - we trust that. When a woman feels loved and nurtured, all scientific knowledge as well as intuitive knowledge shows that a women gives birth with the greatest ease.







If medical issues come up, we will address them. However, the best way to avoid medical issues is to interfere in your process as little as possible, while monitoring for safety and progress and providing the support each woman uniquely requires.

Lauie Fremgen, midwife, quietly observing her client in labor

Laurie Fremgen, midwife, quietly observes her client while she labors.

Postpartum Care

Midwives have a different approach to postpartum care. The love and support continues through this time. With lots of breastfeeding and emotional support, your successful transition to motherhood is important to us.  Two homevists at 2 days and 10 days as well as phone support is standard. Additional visits in your home or our office can be arranged as needed.

At the final postpartum visit, we provide a standard well woman exam including a pap smear and birth control counseling. We can provide a barrier method called femcap, and it is available to purchase in our office. Referrals for IUDs, pharmaceutical birth control, vasectomy and tubal ligations are available upon request.

We are so happy to announce a new postpartum care package - Extend the Love. This style of care is designed to address the needs of the fourth trimester mom. The emotional, physical and spiritual needs continue way past our typical postpartum period. Many moms struggle in the first year, adjusting to their new life as a mom or adjusting to the new family structure that comes with a new baby. Visits will continue monthly for a year following the birth of your baby. I will not be your midwife at this time, but a dependable ear and heart you have come to know and trust.

Doula Care

For an additional fee, Sarah Parente, a wonderful doula in town has agreed to attend births with my clients. I love working with Sarah, she is loving, supportive, knowledgeable and passionate. The additional fee will be less than her standard fee. I am so excited to be able to offer this to my clients. I hope all first time moms, VBACs, and any woman who is looking for a little bit more loving attention will consider this wonderful package.

Butterfly Soul Group

Many people experience pregnancy loss, often quietly. When we welcome a new soul into our bodies to bring to this earth, we voluntarily stand at the gate of life and death. Loss is just as much a part of birth as anything else.  And there is not a lot of public discussion about loss. Please join us for a loss support group. You do not have to be my client to attend. Please contact me for further information.