Burn the Boppy

Ok, trigger warning. I have a strong opinion here. I hate boppies. You know, the breast friend? The C-shaped pillow that supposedly is a must have for all breast feeding people? Burn that thing. Get rid of it. Pack it away. Sell it on Craig's list. You don't need it!

Burn the Boppy!

Ok, deep breath. Let's talk about why.

There is a deep opening that happens during the birth of your baby. Your body, heart and mind open to form a deep bond to your baby. It is essential to the baby's well being. It is essential to your well being. And it is essential to the well being of humanity. A deeply bonded baby grows into a deeply bonded adult. Deeply bonded adults make decisions from a heart centered place. From a place that considers the good of all. A place that asks the question, I know I can, but should I?

This bond starts with the loving connection you feel towards your unborn baby. The birth essentially tills the heart to create the fertile ground for this bond and breastfeeding plays a major role in growing and watering - so to speak - the bond you have with the baby.

This is all facilitated through touch, caress, kissing, skin to skin contact, holding, cuddling, snuggling, etc. You get the point. Touch is so absolutely very important. And nothing should come between you and your baby, especially in those first few weeks.

See how this mama snuggles and holds her baby tight? You can't do this with a pillow in the way

Those first few weeks are exactly when people use the boppy. The boppy is a barrier between the mom and the baby. Why? Because, when you use a boppy, you place the baby on the pillow instead of on your belly, in your arms. The boppy blocks the deep nestling you would naturally do with a baby.

You see how this mom isn't even holding her baby?

Is this as dramatic as the end of bond humanity if you use a boppy? No! Of course not...but consider what I am saying. Anytime a mother thinks she "needs" something to assist her in her mothering, she is reaching outside of herself for help - not searching within or finding those internal resources. These "needs" can be subtle or quite obvious.

No judgment y'all...just some thoughts.

On a more practical side, the breastfeeding pillow does not put the baby in an ideal breastfeeding position. You want your nipple to be directed to the back roof of your baby's mouth. It is often best to do this with the baby's head deflexed or tilted backwards. Nipples point down, baby's head tilted back, commence breastfeeding.

When you use a breastfeeding pillow, your baby's body stays linear and does not give the baby the best angle for a deep latch. When the latch is not ideal, you will have sore nipples and possibly poor milk transference. Not to mention a sore back from leaning over the pillow.

So ladies, ditch the boppy. Just burn it. You don't need it. I swear.

Peaceful birthing to y'all....

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